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Why the Bolinger Law Firm

The Bolinger Law Firm is a boutique law firm with a simple yet ambitious purpose: To provide our clients with the best representation available at any price, and do it without either the wasteful overhead or the unrealistic billable hours requirements typical of our larger competitors. Our distinctive blend of professionalism and parsimony has earned us a national reputation for excellence in Business, Estate, Special Needs Planning, Oil and Gas, Probate, and Tax Planning.

What Sets Bolinger Law Firm Apart

The Bolinger Law Firm set out to run their firm differently. While the big firms were busy merging and hiring business consultants, we focused on our clients rather than our profits-and in the process, have established ourselves as premier Business, Estate, Special Needs, Oil and Gas, Probate, and Tax Planning Law Firm.

Every client, no matter how prosperous, wants to minimize the cost of legal representation without settling for second best. By eschewing the traditional high-leverage, high-billable-hour model characteristic of large firms, Bolinger Law Firm finds that we can offer our clients first-rate legal representation at rates that are significantly lower than most of our closest competitors.

In addition, our fees cover all usual incidental expenses, such as legal research, photocopying, and local transportation costs, so you won’t have to hire a consultant to understand our bills .And if you’re trying to leave the billable hour behind, we are agile enough to be extremely flexible about alternative billing arrangements, such as flat fees, monthly retainers, and blended rates.

Client Focused. Results Driven.